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Yvonne Welbon

Michael Fuller
Alison Duke

Written and Directed by
Yvonne Welbon

Camera and Sound
Catherine Crouch

Paul Hill

Joseph Welbon

Additional Camera
R.D. Alba
Alison Duke
Patti Lee
Mobolaji Olambiwonnu
Marie Joëlle Rizk
Ayanna Udongo
Makiko Wantanabe
Yvonne Welbon
C. Webb Young

Narration Director
Catherine Crouch

Assistant To The Producer
Tracye Matthews

Robert Wheaton

Creative Consultants
Steven Bognar
St. Clair Bourne
Charles Burnett
Nsenga Burton
Linda Goode Bryant
Catherine Crouch
Zeinabu irene Davis
Shari Frilot
Thomas Allen Harris
Liz Miller
Joanne Morris
Laura Poitras
Carol Ann Shine
Robert Wheaton

Academic Scholars
Margaret R. Daniel
Karla Fuller
Frances Gateward
Gloria Gibson
Ron Gregg
Tracye Matthews
Siobhan Sommerville
Jacqueline Stewart
Anita Welbon

Simone Bouyer

Syrena Bodden
Bridgett Nawoki
Amekia Spencer
Ellen von Schrott

Post Production Sound
Paul Hill
Joseph Welbon

Footage and Photographs Courtesy Of
Joy (Shannon) S'hani Ache
Stephanie Allain
Madeline Anderson
Maya Angelou
Neema Barnette
Black Women in the Media Arts
Julie Dash
Bridgett Davis
DeMane Davis
Zeinabu irene Davis
Cheryl Dunye
First Run Features
Gloria Gibson
C.A. Griffith
Peggy Hayes
Dianne Houston
Coquie Hughes
Icarus Films
Kino International
Kindred Spirits Productions
Lions Gate
Kasi Lemmons
The Library of Congress
Darnell Martin
Vanessa Middleton
The National Archives
New Line Cinema
Ruby Oliver
Euzhan Palcy
Jessie Maple Patton
LeRoy Patton
John Pierson
Cauleen Smith
Alison Swan
Trimark Pictures

Support Provided By
Wexner Center Media Arts Program,
The Ohio State University

This film is made possible in part
by grants from:
The National Endowment for the Humanities and the
Illinois General Assembly
University Film and Video Association
University Film and Video Foundation

Fiscal Sponsor
Women in the Director's Chair

Special Thanks To
African American Women in Cinema
African Diaspora Film Festival
Julie Anderson
Amanda Ault
Black Harvest Film Festival
Black Women in the Media Arts
Cheryl Lynn Bruce
Doug Chang
Julie Dash
Jon Else
The Gene Siskel Film Center
Nicole Guillemet
Bill Horrigan
The Horwitz Family
Alex Juhasz
Laura Kim
Willette Klausner
Jennifer Lange
Mereditt Lavitt
Marc Mauceri
Cara Mertes
K.J. Mohr
Erika Muhammad
Alyce Myatt
Janet Nicholson
Pan African Film Festival
Rockport Maine Workshops
John Pierson
Sundance Film Festival
Casey Suchan
Maria Troy
Floyd Webb

Developed with the Assistance of
the Sundance Institute

Special Thanks to
Dr. Gloria Gibson and Dr. Henry T. Sampson
for preserving our history

Dedicated to the sister filmmakers
who have led the way and to all of those that follow

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