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Yvonne Welbon served as Producer/Director

    Half Life (HD, Mini-DV, Animation, 2007)
    An Internet journalist reports on an Iraq war vet with a mysterious illness dishonorably discharged under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. In-development.

    Sisters in Cinema
    (62 min. Digital Video, 2003)
    A documentary which offers a historical overview of the lives and the films of African American women feature film directors from the early part of the century to today.

    The Taste of Dirt
    (12 min., Digi-Beta, 2002)
    A short narrative film which explores issues of race and class as experienced by 7-year-old African American girls on the school playground. Slated for completion April 2002.

    Living with Pride: Ruth C. Ellis @ 100
    (Digital Video, 16mm, Super 8, 1999)
    Ruth Ellis was born in 1899 and was thought to be the oldest known ‘out’ African American lesbian. Her story offers a rare opportunity to experience a century of history as lived by one inspiring woman.

    Split Screen - Segment Producer
    (Digital Video, 1997 -1999)
    Created newsmagazine format segments for six programs. The segments primarily focused on how-tos of independent movie making. The subjects ranged from How to Read a Movie Poster to How to Incorporate Archival Footage to How to Finance an Indie Film. Split Screen is a program about independent filmmaking which airs on Bravo and the Independent Film Channel.

    Remembering Wei Yi-fang, Remembering Myself...
    (30 min.,16mm, Super 8 film and Hi 8, 1995)
    A witty and original autobiographical documentary about coming-to-terms with race, culture and self. My six-year stay in Taiwan transforms my understanding of what it means to be an African American and illuminates my connection with my Honduran-born grandmother.

    Missing Relations
    (12 min., 16mm, 1994)
    On February 20, 1969, my mother gave birth to twin daughters. Six months later, their father "kidnapped" them. We never saw my sisters again. Missing Relations is an experimental dramatic documentary which explores loss and denial in an African American family through the story of my kidnapped twin sisters, erased from family history for 24 years.

    Sisters in the Life: First Love
    (23 min., video, 1993)
    Sisters in the Life: First Love is a dramatic documentary/narrative set in the early 1970s and 1990s. Donna Rose, a thirtysomething black lesbian recounts the story of her first experience with love. At 14, she has a boyfriend and a best girlfriend. In flashbacks, Donna focuses on the feelings she had for her girlfriend Karen. Her current day relationship with Maggie provides a romantic parallel.

    The Cinematic Jazz of Julie Dash
    (24 min., 3/4" SP video, 1992-1993)
    In this inspiring interview, Julie Dash speaks about her background, training, vision and struggle to bring Daughters of the Dust to the American movie screen.

    (3 min., 16mm, b/w, 1991)
    An autobiographical film which uses story-telling and experimental techniques to explore the shadows of my childhood memories. The bruised footage and sharp editing help to create the mood for my first painful encounter with racism.


    Producer, Garbage Man - 2007
    The trashy odyssey of a family of five who agrees to keep every scrap of garbage they create for three months. Filmmaker, Andrew Nisker shows us where it all goes and how it affects the world.

    Producer, SCALE: Power and Change in the Media Age - 2007
    Alexandra Juhasz, follows her sister, author and activist, Antonia Juhasz as she demonstrates a scale-shift, by quickly elevating in the media’s attention with the release of her book The Bush Agenda: Taking Over the World One Economy at a Time. The film offers an attempt to re-articulate and practice the activism of change in our new media age.

    Associate Producer, WATER WARRIORS - 2006
    The story of the community of Highland Park, MI and their determination to fight the seemingly inevitable path of privatization. Directed by Liz Miller

    Consulting Editor, A Lion in the House - 2006
    A documentary which follows the stories of five exceptional children and their families as they battle pediatric cancer. Directed by Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert. World Premiere – Sundance 2006.

    Co-Producer, That's My Face / Minha Cara - 2001
    A documentary exploring black identity in the USA, Brazil and Africa. Shot entirely on Super 8mm film, the film follows the spiritual journey of black queer filmmaker, Thomas Allen Harris.World Premiere - Toronto International Film Festival 2001.

    Producer, Stray Dogs - 2001
    Set in 1958 and adapted and directed by Catherine Crouch from the award-winning stage play by Julie Jensen, Stray Dogs is a Southern gothic film about the last night of a bad marriage. Starring Guinevere Turner and Bill Sage. World Premiere - The New Festival June 2001.

    Associate Producer, Stranger Inside - 2001
    Writer/Director Cheryl Dunye’s film, set on the campus of a state correctional facility, is the story of a young African American woman, trying to reconnect with her long-estranged mother, on the inside. World Premiere - Sundance 2001. HBO broadcast premiere June 2001.

    Producer, One Small Step - 1999
    An award-winning dramatic comedy directed by Catherine Crouch about a rambunctious 8-year-old tomboy living in South Carolina in 1969.

    Associate Producer/Assistant Director, Compensation - 1999
    A love story between two couples set at the beginning and end of the century directed by Zeinabu irene Davis. In dramatic competition Sundance 2000. Nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for best first feature under $500,000.

    Associate Producer/Production Manager, Mother of the River - 1995
    An ITVS funded children's film by Zeinabu irene Davis which focuses on the relationship between a young slave girl and a magical Harriet-Tubman-like woman who she meets on
    the plantation. Received a PBS broadcast in 1995 and aired on BET/Encore! in 1998.
    Has played in numerous festivals and won several awards.

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