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I created this section because I receive many emails asking these same questions. So, I decided to provide the answers here for everyone. If you still have questions after having reviewed this section you can email your questions to me at ywelbon@sistersincinema.com.

Your Sister in Cinema,
Yvonne Welbon

Currently, Yvonne Welbon's favorite book on filmmaking is "What They Don't Teach You at Film School: 161 Strategies for Making Your Own Movie No Matter What" by Camille Landau and Tiare White.

"There are many ways to learn about filmmaking. Some people learn how to make films in elementary and high school. Some learn about filmmaking through weekend seminars and short courses. Some people decide to study for an undergraduate or graduate degree. Some people watch every film closely and read every book they can get their hands on about filmmaking.

Some people learn by doing, and being mentored by established filmmakers. There is no one right way to learn to be a filmmaker, but some combination of what is above is ideal if you want to be a successful filmmaker." -YW

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Can you give me advice? 7351
What is a good way to learn? 7175
I want to direct big budget action packed movies 9599
I want to direct music videos 8702
How do I establish a career? 7476
Im an artist 7159
Did you go to film school? 7381
How do I find people to help me? 7226
I want to volunteer or work on a film 7204
Can you hire me or help me get a job? 7396
Can you help me contact the directors? 7433
Where can I find the money to make my film? 7424
How can I find development money? 8909
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