Where can I find the money to make my film?

Where can I find the money to make my film? PDF Print E-mail

I’ve raised about $100,000 but that isn’t enough to finish the film. Should I start shooting anyway and hope to find finishing funds?

I think it is a hard time to make low-budget independent films right now. Since there is less than a 4% chance of getting any kind of distribution for any kind of film.

Most people I know who start off like you are suggesting end up in debt and filing for bankruptcy. But then there are always stories like BOYS DON’T CRY, that did start shooting and eventually ended up winning an Academy Award.

If you can revisit your script breakdown and you can try to figure out how to make it for $100,000, I think that would be great. You can probably get that money back in terms of all you ancillary market sales. I'm not an advocate of spending other people's money on a film that is clearly never going to see it's money back, because the market can't handle yet another low-budget independent film.

My advice to you is to get a producer. This person should be well versed on what is happening in the industry today. She should know who is funding projects like yours and where to take it. Then you and your producer shop it around to someone who can pay for it. Production funding entities, usually in LA and NY, will talk to you. I suggest you find someone else to pay for your film and make your film with proper funding.

If you can't find someone else to fund your film for you to make a feature properly, perhaps it's not the right time for this script and you might move on to your next project? Most of the folks funding films know exactly what they can sell right now. So, ideally when you are meeting with these people about your project, you will already have another one ready in case they are more interested in that one. All of this is to say, don't put your entire career into one film project.

If you don't have another script ready, you might attach yourself to a couple of other scripts written by your screenwriter friends, so that you have more than one thing going for you as you go out into the world looking for funding.

My suggestion is to be prepared for the opportunity to direct when it presents itself.

Finally, you can always just make your film for the money that you have. There are many examples of filmmakers who have made films with slim budgets. They will probably tell you that they can’t make a living at it, but they continue to do it because they love making movies.

Click Here for ideas on how to raise a bit of money to get you started.


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