How do I establish a career?

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How do I establish a career as an independent filmmaker that works in Hollywood like Woody Allen, John Sayles, Spike Lee, and Kevin Smith?
All of these filmmakers have one thing in common. They work with producers. In some cases the producers work with directors as if  he is a business entity. Spike Lee, Inc., Woody Allen, Inc., Kevin Smith, Inc., etc. I suggest you research how your favorite directors got started and how they learned their craft and how they survive as filmmakers. You will find that each is a like a corporation and that their producer is something of a CEO and that the director is a product, like Coke. That product (director) has a value just like shares of stock on the stock market. Each director has brand name recognition and ideally he diversifies himself, he is like an entrepreneur, except he is the product. Spike Lee is a great example of this method of making movies.

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