I want to direct big budget action packed movies

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Do I need to go to film school if I want to direct big budget action packed special effect Hollywood movies? First, I suggest you research that angle of the business and learn how your favorite directors got started and how they learned their craft. Briefly, if you want to make a living making big Hollywood movies, I’d suggest you go to film school in Los Angeles. There are 30 film schools there. So even if you don’t get into UCLA or USC, there are still plenty of other options, including Loyola Marymount which is becoming increasingly popular. A lot of film schools that aren’t based in Los Angles have Los Angles programs that run for a semester or a year. Even Columbia College Chicago has a LA program. While in school it is important that you make a calling-card film that is derivative of what Hollywood is doing. Show that you can use the equipment, work with the actors and create a polished product. Being funny and short helps. Get that work seen on the Internet, through an agent, at an industry screening that your school is hosting -- but remember yours not only has to be very good, but you have to have connections. Exploit your school’s alumni to help you make those connections. And in the meantime, work really really hard to start directing music videos employing all the techniques to prove you can do what they do in Hollywood...basically, action, violence or comedy. Or just skip film school altogether.

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