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Press Clips & Articles written about the Sisters in Cinema documentary.

Variety: Sisters in Cinema

Yvonne Welbon's "Sisters in Cinema" celebrates the growth and visibility of African American women filmmakers while casting a critical eye at how the state of things isn't all that rosy, and how the history of black women behind the camera has been made strangely obscure. Pic is perfectly drawn for educational uses and fest touring....   More...

ScreenZine: Groundbreaker opens WIDC Fest;
5,000 expected March 14-23

Women in the Directors Chair’s 22th annual film festival March 14-23 opens with an important documentary by Yvonne Welbon, “one of our own,” says WIDC program director Sabrina Craig. Welbon has made the first documentary on black women filmmakers that reveals a surprising number of “Sisters in Cinema” going back 80 years. “It attempts to begin to write African American women directors into American film history,” she says.   More...

DykeDiva: Sisters in Cinema:
A new film by Yvonne Welbon

Local filmmaker, Yvonne Welbon, will have the Chicago premiere of her film SISTERS IN CINEMA this weekend as part of the Women in the Director's Chair Film Festival. The film looks at the history of African American women feature film directors.   More...

Chicago Reader: Women in the Director's Chair
International Film & Video Festival

The 22nd annual Women in the Director's Chair International Film & Video Festival, featuring narrative, documentary, animated, and experimental works by women, continues Friday through Sunday, March 21 through 23.   More...


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